The Mission of the Conference is to create a safe forum for Marin’s teenage girls to explore their place in the world, gain skills to create positive relationships, learn confidence to make good choices and to experience local community support that would help them achieve their goals.

An amazing day packed with speakers, empowering workshops, music and entertainment for Marin County girls in grades 8-12. The Marin Teen Girl Conference connects young women throughout the county in an uplifting, supportive way. This conference is designed BY girls, FOR girls. You will soar with new friendships and ideas when you attend. Includes: Breakfast, Lunch and a Goody Bag!

Registration fee is $20, and scholarships are available.





After conducting research and focus groups, the Marin Women’s Commission created the first Marin Teen Girl Conference in 2011 to address the unmet needs of teen girls in the County. Through the Marin Teen Girl Conference, the MWC provides tools, resources, ideas and support to empower the young women of Marin County. The girls, who range in age from 13 to 18 years, reported that they enjoyed having a safe, collaborative and fun place to explore topics that were important to them. The Conference connects the girls to resources, offers leadership training, and introduces them to thoughts beyond their world.

Our Vision



Create a safe, fun informative event for teen girls to learn, share and grow.


To provide effective tools to help them be successful as they navigate the teen years.


To meet the Marin Women’s Commission mission/objective as to providing leadership to teen girls

Get Involved

Get Involved


Please join the Marin Women’s Commission and our community partners in supporting the Marin Teen Girl Conference. Your sponsorship will increase and enhance your brand awareness among teen girls and their families throughout Marin County.
Why a Teen Girl Conference?
Research has shown that many of Marin’s teen girls are struggling, in spite of our county’s many resources.
«  By age 15, girls are twice as likely to become depressed than boys
«  59 percent of 5th to 12th grade girls in one survey were dissatisfied with their body shape.
«  One in three teen girls in the US is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.
The ultimate goal of the Marin Teen Girl Conference is to help create solutions for improving the lives of teen girls in Marin County. This conference gives the girls the tools, resources, ideas and support to empower the young women of our county. A group of 30 Teen Girl Ambassadors guide the development of the conference topics and format, making it the only conference BY girls, FOR girls. The conference empowers and inspires these girls to leadership in their own lives and in their communities.
The Conference will offer workshops with experienced presenters on topics relevant to today’s teen girls, and an Exhibitor Mall featuring information and resources from local service providers.
We need your support! Please join us as a Sponsor of the Marin Teen Girl Conference. Your support will help to underwrite the cost of this Conference, and fund participation, scholarships, for girls in underserved areas of the County.


For a Donation of $50.00 you can sponsor a teen girl’s attendance! If you or your company would like the opportunity to sponsor the 2018 Marin Teen Girl Conference, just click on the button below to contribute.


If you’d like to send your Sponsor a Girl form by mail, please fill out our Sponsor a Girl form, along with a check made payable to MWC-MTGC and send to the address below:

Marin Women’s Commission

ATTN: Christine Shaw, staff
3501 Civic Center Drive #415
San Rafael, CA 94903

If you would like to donate items for the GoodyBag, please note we expect 250 girls in attendance.  Please fill out the Goody Bag form below and return to the Marin Women’s Commission.



Click on the link below to register for the 2018 Marin Teen Girl Conference.

What’s In The Workshops:

During registration, select ONE workshop for EACH session

Session One

Presented by Naomi Finklestein of Body Positive
In this workshop, girls will examine their beliefs about health, self-care, and beauty and learn new tools to help them approach all three with a positive, sustainable, and holistic approach. Goals are to challenge the concept of what a healthy person looks like, begin to view yourself as the expert of your own body, and expand your definition of beauty to include yourself.

Presented by Jennifer Lagaly, VP of Sales at Salesforce
Are you fired up to get out into the world and begin to contribute in a meaningful way? What does it mean to be a woman in today’s workplace? Do you imagine that working will be one of the most fulfilling and fun things you will ever do? Do you know how to prepare yourself for it? Come join me as I share my thoughts on all of the above on how you can prepare to take on the world.

Presented by Hana Afra & Kellen Kaiser of Planned Parenthood
Sexual orientation, gender, biology, and expression – though these areas of a person’s life may influence each other, they are still distinctly different and dynamic – making each person have their own unique sexual identity. Come explore these concepts in a fun and interactive way. We’ll be thinking about ourselves, hearing from our peers and understanding allyship.

Presented by a Panel of Marin High School Students
If you’re an eighth grader stressing about high school, this workshop is for you! What do you need to know? Should you be worried? A panel of local High School girls will share their experiences transitioning from middle school to high school and help you navigate this next step with confidence!

Presented by Marian Kwon and Monika Rose of Epic Sky
The founders of Epic Sky will share the stories of real teen apparel and accessories designers – what inspired them, and how they got started. In this workshop, budding entrepreneurs can learn from the lessons of teen designers who have their own business – in jewelry, swimwear and sportswear. The interactive workshop will help girls think about the process of developing a product – taking an idea, producing a product and bringing it to market.
Presented by TBD
Whether you want to know more about your own mental health or are worried about a friend, this workshop will help you clarify the difference between a temporary “down” feeling, and something more serious. We’ll explore causes and triggers, and learn more about suicide prevention and awareness.

Session Two

Presented by Zephira Derblich-Milea of Shalom Bayit
Everyone deserves healthy relationships! This workshop will offer a safe space to discuss the differences between consent and true consent, how to check-in with ourselves, and how to identify our own boundaries of what we do or do not want in relationships and friendships. Included in the workshop will be tips and tools for asking for and giving true consent and how to set healthy boundaries.
Presented by a panel of College Students from Marin County and 10,000 Degrees
SATs, AP classes, and application essays are all on your radar. What about those other factors that can help you prepare for getting to college? What kind of higher education is right for you? Should you start at a community college or go right to a 4 year university? What if your GPA isn’t that great? Are you emotionally ready for the realities of college life? Can You Handle the Workload? Are you the first in your family to go to college? What kind of college will be the right fit – will I know? Is it hard being away from home?
Our panel of college “experts” – former Marin high schoolers currently at colleges near and far – a mentor from 10, 000 Degrees, and an independent college counselor will answer your questions and advise you on how to be prepared for life after high school! Plus special bonus info from Marin Teen Girl Ambassador alumnae who want to share their experiences with you!
Presented by Charis Denison of Pranja Consulting & Marin Youth
Whether it’s with friends, family, teachers or a boss, relationships are not always easy. In this workshop, we will focus on the disconnect between feeling like a “strong young woman” in some ways and then losing that feeling when it comes to advocating for yourself in both friendships and other relationships. We will introduce the idea of “The Set Up” and how young women are set up to define themselves, communicate, and behave in ways that do not serve them when it matters most. Participants will leave this workshop not feeling “talked at” but rather invited to show up in a different way in their lives after engaging with these ideas. Come ready to be heard, not lectured to!
Presented by Dr. Michelle Cleere
Do you feel like you are letting people down? Are you trying to be perfect? Do you feel guilty or are you scared that you aren’t making other people happy? These might be the results of what other’s expectations have on your life – your teachers, parents, coaches, friends, brothers and sisters, and the list goes on. It impacts your school work, your sport, your after-school activities, and well, everything. It is important to understand these expectations and develop your own expectations to create balance, and empower yourself to cope with the pressure and the stress – what you are really supposed to do and how you are really supposed to feel. Learn why it’s important to have your own expectations and how to navigate the challenges of other’s expectations and feel good about it.
Presented by a Panel of Dynamic Women in Unique Careers
Hear from a dynamic panel of remarkable women who will share their experiences in a range of careers. Learn what these jobs are really like and how to get started in these fields or the one of your choice. This is an opportunity to discuss the strengths of women in the workplace, what advantages they bring, and challenges they face. Each woman will offer her advice and insights on why now is best time for young women to soar in their careers! Careers represented include firefighter, real estate development, consumer technology, police chief, and elected official.
Presented by Liliana Gonzalez of Community Violence Solutions
This is an interactive workshop to practice assertiveness with self defense training and an open discussion about sexual assault prevention and empowerment for teens as well as sexual exploitation awareness.

Session Three

Presented by TBD
Align your values with your ideas about money while learning essential tips and tricks to manage your finances. Understand the critical difference between wants and needs and what it means to take the “long view” on money management.

Presented by Huckleberry Youth Programs
Join us for this session about how you can stay safe and strong in your relationships. We’ll talk about making choices, keeping boundaries, safer sex, like birth control and condoms, and making sure our relationships are ones that make us feel good about ourselves. A safe space to ask questions to get the information that will help you feel confident and prepared in your choices.

Presented by Planned Parenthood
Each person needs to decide for herself what choices are right for her around sex. This workshop will help you explore your hopes, expectations, and limits; learn about the many ways to express intimacy, and feel confident in the choices you make about your own sexuality. Ask the questions you’ve been dying to ask about sexuality, safer sex, and relationships, in a fun and confidential space.

Presented by Laura Eberly of the YWCA
This workshop will teach the nuts and bolts of effective advocacy. If there is something you want of change or a story you want to tell, we’ll share some of the basic tools to get you started. We’ll cover a range of community organizing and advocacy tactics from picking your issue to using your voice to rallying your community to meeting with elected officials. This workshop is interactive and relies on real-world relevant examples for teens and young adults to start getting involved in shaping our communities.
Presented by Charis Denison of Pranja Consulting & Marin Youth
See Description Above. This workshop will be a repeat of the Session Two Workshop of the same name.
Presented by Claire Comins of TinkerTech
Join this fun and interactive workshop to brainstorm and learn how to wire-frame (sketch out) your best idea for an app. You can also enter your app idea into a drawing for a chance to win a free coding classes or camps through Tinker Tech. Inter sets in coding or wanting to learn more about coding? We will also provide more information on coding classes and camps for middle and high school girls and classes and camps for K-8 STEM and makers in Marin.
Click on the link below to register for the 2018 Marin Teen Girl Conference.

Registration fee is $20, and scholarships are available.

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Pamela K. Hamamoto Diplomat and Visionary

Pamela Hamamoto was sworn in by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden as the 18th Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva.

UN Women honored Ambassador Hamamoto as a GEM-TECH Global Achiever for her exceptional efforts to boost women’s empowerment through ICTs. In November 2016, the U.S. Department of State nominated Ambassador Hamamoto for the Sue M. Cobb Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service.

In March 2017, she was recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Gender and Environment Network for her visionary and inspiring leadership
during her tenure as head of the U.S. Mission in Geneva.